Why Invest In high quality domain names.

Purpose – Why Descriptive Domain Names
Quality descriptive domain names positively affect search engine rankings, attract customers, improve click-thru-rate, conversions, and extend top-of-mind brand awareness and retention.

Through the use of premium descriptive domain names, companies are better able to attract consumers, convert them to customers and provide their business with an a effective marketing tool aimed at prospects with an active need or, who are in the buying state for a particular product or service.

Top 10 Reasons Why Premium Descriptive Domains are Important to Business:

1. Reputation Management and Respect
Owning a quality EMD positions your company as the authority in the industry. An inherent amount of trust and respect comes with owning the industry defining Internet Address in your target market.

2. Retention and Recall
Highly relevant EMDs are easy to remember. This enables potential customers to easily recall your company’s web address, even after an extended time lapse. It also makes it easy for them to promote your site to others through word-of-mouth.

3. Relevancy
When potential customers see the keywords and phrases they seek in your EMD, they know immediately your site is relevant to their needs and are more likely to visit it.

4. Search Engine Rankings
Google, Bing and Yahoo use a variety of mathematical factors (Algorithms) to determine where websites should be ranked. A keyword-rich EMD that accurately describes your product or service can increase your rankings in the search engines.

5. Radical Click-thru Rates
An EMD that accurately describes your company’s service establishes your relevancy in their time of need and is more likely to attract eyeballs. This inherent trust leads to increased clicks and engagement with your website.

6. Redirect. Don’t Redesign (unless you need to)
Even if your company already has a great website, they can still leverage an EMD. Simply redirect your new, easy-to-remember EMD to your current web address and take advantage of “Reputation Management”, “Retention”, “Relevancy”, “Rapid Navigation”, “Real Money”, and “Real Competition” with NO development required!

7. Rapid Navigation
Many surfers bypass the search engines and type descriptive domain names directly into their navigation bar. “Type-in traffic” or “direct navigation” is a growing practice that brings in pre-qualified, motivated prospects with high conversion rates.

8. Real Money
Domain leasing is tax deductible, and leasing contracts are transferable. An EMD is also a tangible asset that adds revenue-specific value to a business at the time of sale.

9. Real Competition
Simply put, if you don’t own your EMD, one of your competitors WILL soon and leverage it’s strategic advantages to take business away from you.

10. Resource Leads
Companies are increasingly building complimentary websites on EMDs to target specific, high-converting key-phrases and thus increase the number of ways potential clients can find them.